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A company is only as great as their employees

Eighth Element was formed by a network of film industry freelancers who wanted to turn the norm upside down.


To be blunt, this industry thrives on mediocrity. Inexperience, low quality productions, and ineffectiveness is what drove us to create our own company. We were tired of watching producers, directors, and cinematographers stumble their way through the day while the rest of their hard working crew carried the weight and made them look good. 

As individual freelancers, we've been fortunate enough to work on some pretty amazing stuff. From Youtube TV World Series Commercials, to Disney+ and National Geographic TV shows. What we learn on massive shoots like those, we bring to you.


Yes, full disclaimer, those projects were lead by more competent individuals, but they also cost upwards of $100,000. Although we totally have the capabilities to shoot projects on that scale, thats not quite our style. We're here for you and other business owners. We'd rather make amazing content with you.