It starts in Pre-Production

We utilize specialized software to pre-light, create story boards, and build virtual sets so that we save time on actual shoot days. We eliminate guess work and draft lighting and camera plots so we know the exact placement of each before the actual shoot day. FOR FREE

Swiss Army Crew

Our highly trained crew members are experts in multiple fields pertaining to the video industry. Not only does this keep our crew size smaller, which saves money, but it also makes us more efficient since we all understand the common goal of bringing your vision to life.

High Quality Gear for Less

We own most of our gear. Our in house video package is suitable for most situations. On average we charge 70% less for our gear than other companies would. We only charge to cover insurance costs. If we need to outsource, we strive to find the most competitive renters... sometimes outsourcing multiple pieces of gear individually from multiple different places, to ensure we're getting you the best price.

Every Job Is Different

We have a ton of packages listed on our "Prices & Booking" page. However, it's recommended that you call us for a more accurate quote.